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Trying to set Excel to always open in the app instead of the web version and when I go to File>Options the only Options showing is Regional Format Settings.  I tried to show all Hidden Items but still do not get an Advanced Option...  Version issue?  do I need to uninstall and reinstall Office?


Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Excel Online (Excel for web) has limited options compared to the desktop version of Excel.
If you are looking for more advanced options, you should try using the desktop version of Excel.
In Excel Online, you can change the regional format settings by going to File > Options > Regional Format Settings.
From there, you can click the Regions dropdown menu, select a region, and then click Change. Your browser session will be updated with the new setting.



I'm trying to set it open in the app by default.  The instructions say to go to File > Options > Advanced > Link Handling.  I have File > Options but it only lists the regional settings and I have no Advanced selection available.


Those options are only available in the desktop versions of Excel for Windows and Mac (although located slightly differently in the latter), not in other versions/on other platforms.