Excel not working in Mac due to VBA Macros

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Dear Expert Community.....Greetings for the day! I am unable to use one of the Excel sheets for stock calculations I have downloaded a template to calculate Stock PipLos, P&L, etc from my trainer but I'm unable to use the column to select SHOR/LONG on which entire formulas are written. On my mac, it says VBA macros issue. something and on my FOLD 3 Samsung mobile it says Active X controls Regards MAX @ Excel
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@MAXSUN1095 VBA on the Mac does not support ActiveX controls. You need to get your hands on a PC if you want to work with the workbook you described.

Active-X is Windows-only. If you want to break your workbook on all other platforms, include Active-X controls. If you want cross-platform compatibility, use Excel's controls (aka "legacy" controls) instead.