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Hi there,


Since the latest update my excel formula =Right(P2,LEN(P2)-16) and also formula =M2+60 isn't working can you please advise on what I am doing wrong. They worked fine on an older version of excel but now the brackets (P2) are highlighted red and aren't being accepted by excel since the update. You assistance is appreciated. 




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@Allnorth In principle, there's nothing wrong with either of the formulae. That is, as long as P2 contains something with at least 16 charters/digits and as long M2 does NOT contain a text. You would get #VALUE! errors in both cases.


What do you see when you enter the formulae? If not an error, perhaps you just see the formula as a text. Did you accidentally press "Show formulas" on the Formulas ribbon?



Consider verify the calculation options.

If its manual, your formula will not update automatically.