Evaluate Array Functions in VBA

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I have a loop in VBA to contour plot temperature data with an array function interpolation. How do I evaluate (Shift-Cntl-Enter) the array inside the macro?


' Run the video by selecting the rows of data

     For I = IMin To IMax Step IStep
       Sheets("Setup").Cells(21, 4) = I                                                  ' Update row # of data
       Sheets("Calc").Application.Evaluate ("C3")                                ' Attempt to evaluate
' =GRIDXYZ(Setup!$B$2:$C$16,Setup!$D$2:$D$16,Calc!$C$2:$G$2,Calc!$B$3:$B$7)
       Sheets(Cht(Text9)).Activate                                                          ' Show graph with new data
       ActiveChart.Shapes("Text Box 4").Select                                      ' Update the current time
       Selection.Characters.Text = (I) & " " & Text0
   delay (MsDelay)                                                                                ' Time delay routine
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@rjarrett62 I don't know if GRIDXYZ (a function from an add-in) can be used in Evaluate.