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Hi, I'm creating a spreadsheet for payroll and I want to ask on a formula for example

if d11 is greater than $350,000 then c11 would reflect as $250



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In C11 enter this formula:


That was perfect! thank you so much, I have yet to learn these formulas. Can I some more? this is a bit complicated for example
if d7 is greater that 7 then c7 should multiply $70 by the number in d7 minus 7

the explanation is because the employee will get a comission for every signed contract that is more than 7. If the number of signed contracts will be 20 then the commission willl be $70 multiplied by 13.

@christellereyes That would be:



"x" will be the result when D7 is not greater than 7. 

I tried this one but, it's not working. The value in c7 will reflect as x

@christellereyes Can you upload a screenshot* of the relevant part of your schedule and indicate the outcome you expect?


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