Duplicate Sheet Missing

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Duplicate Sheet for Excel on the web has disappeared for one of my users.   I haven't made any changes and I can't for the life of me figure out why this option disappeared.  

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Strange. In my case it's still here bot on business and consumer subscriptions. Only Duplicate disappeared or something else from this menu


as well?

@Sergei Baklan You are correct, only Duplicate seems to be missing.   And only for this one user from what I can tell.   


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It looks like Microsoft is changing the interface a bit. On one of my accounts I have the same


Instead of Duplicate we have Copy Sheet and Paste Sheet. Works practically the same way as Duplicate within same workbook, only bit more clicks. However, Copy/Paste now gives the possibility to copy the sheet into another workbook.

This your user has the favour from Microsoft receiving new functionality first.

Thanks for the information. I kind of assumed it was something the MS was doing since there isn't any real settings in Excel on the Web.

I understand why they made the change, but it would be nice to just keep duplicate. The way it's used by production here, they aren't copy/pasting to new worksheets so this just adds a couple more clicks.
In the end they are just going to have to get used to it.


I see. You may forward this to Microsoft - within Excel Help->Feedback->Make suggestion.

If using Edge, it may be worth trying Excel for Web within a private session (or switching away from current profile to Guest). I've seen some odd quirks with M365 web apps that eventually were resolved by re-naming the Edge user profile folder.