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I have a master list of products in Column "A" and stores across the top in row 1. Some stores have less products listed in the column beneath and I'm trying to sort the columns so they line up with what is in column "A". 

can anyone assist with this?


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This formula is in cell G2 and filled across range G2:J27. Does this return the intended result?



Excel 365 with workaround for Excel nested array limitation

= LET(
    isStocked?, DROP(REDUCE("", {1,2,3},
        LAMBDA(acc,k, HSTACK(acc, COUNTIFS(INDEX(stocked,,k), product)))),,1),
    IF(isStocked?, product, "")


['product' highlighted in red, 'stocked' in blue]

Hi Oliver, Excellent, thank you very much it works perfectly!
Hi Peter, thanks for your assistance.