Cut of salary if there are more then 1 leave in a month

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Please guide me on how to calculate monthly leaves. conditions are 

1. Total allowed annual leaves are 12.

2. Employee is allowed to have 1 leave per month. If the employee takes more than 1 leave in a month deduct the salary of extra leave.

3. Count every month how many employee leaves are remaining.

Please guide me on how to calculate this. 

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You are going to need to offer a little bit of help if you want some help. For starters, what is the nature of the employee database you have currently. How do you track payroll (salary to which the person is entitled, payments made, etc.)


How to calculate those things you're asking will vary depending on what you're doing already. If you're asking us to create all this from scratch, then you're asking a bit much don't you think.