Countif error

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I get the following Countif error warning message (the green triangle in the left corner of the formula cell) for th formula "=COUNTIF(O2:O316,"35")". I want the count of the number of times that 35 appears in a range of cells. The error message is "formula omits adjacent cells", If I select "Update formula to include cells", I get a count that is 1 more than the accurate count. Please help.

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@JillYWallace It's just a warning where Excel noticed that your formula might not be correct. If you are sure it is, you may ignore it. By the way, do you really want to count cells containing the text "35"? If you are looking for the number 35, remove the quotation marks!

Thank you. I did mean it to be text, but there must have been a mismatch between the format designations. When I changed the format of the cells to "Number" and dropped the " " in my formula, everything worked! Jill @Riny_van_Eekelen