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Hello Friends,


In an attempt to capture the productivity of a large group of employees at my workplace, I would like to get a count of how many outlook emails each person is sending per day. (Ideally, I would only like to count the emails they send that have a specific email address cc'd)


These counts are something I would like to pull daily due to the fact that these emails can often get deleted rather quickly. 


I have almost zero experience writing VBA code but was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to automatically pull these sent email counts?


Thank you!!

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A lot of things are unclear in your message.

Which PCs do you want to read the emails from?

From your PC, do the emails sent by other users count from their accounts?

What is the digital environment like?

Operating systems (Windows, mac, Sharepoint, Network, etc.)? Office versions (yours and others)? Storage medium (hard drive, OneDrive, Sharepoint, etc.)?.

Should it be counted from the users' Outlook into your Excel?

How do you imagine this in general?