convert formula to excel from open office.

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i need to create a formula in excel.  i am trying to convert from OpenOffice.


sheet A is basically a checkbook. column A has the dates, column C has the dollar amounts, column G contains various accounts and column H has been separated into various subaccounts.


sheets B thru M are the months.  each column has been separated into the accounts from sheet A column G. each row has been separated into the various sub accounts from sheet A column 4.


i enter the data on sheet A - columns A, G and H,  and I want the dollar amount to go into the correct month worksheet (sheets b thru m) and into the correct cell for the accounts(column) and subaccounts(rows)


This is what I used in OpenOffice:  =SUMPRODUCT(Checkbook.$D$18:$D$1999;YEAR(Checkbook.$A$18:$A$1999)=2023;MONTH(Checkbook.$A$18:$A$1999)=7;Checkbook.$G$18:$G$1999=5;Checkbook.$H$18:$H$1999=50)


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The easiest solution is probably to save the OpenOffice workbook as an Excel workbook (*.xlsx).

The Excel version could look like this:



@Hans Vogelaar 


I really don't need a multiplication formula, just a copy and paste to the monthly sheets which have the formulas for the month, account and subaccount


I think this is closer to what i want in my actual workbook :
=SUMIFS(Checkbook!$D$18:$D$1999,Checkbook!$A$18:$A$1999,”>=”&$a1, checkbook!$A$18:$A$1999,”<=”&eomonth($a1,0),Checkbook!$G$18:$G$1999,4,Checkbook!$H$18:$H$1999,50)

in the January worksheet I have January in cell a1. In the Checkbook column "C" is checks and column "D" is deposits

but it doesn't work, it isn't picking up the date range. I am following information on eomonth data on the web. Not sure if I need the $ or &


How about


=INDEX(Checkbook!$D$18:$D$1999, MATCH(1, (YEAR(Checkbook!$A$18:$A$1999)=2023)*(MONTH(Checkbook!$A$18:$A$1999)=7)*(Checkbook!$G$18:$G$1999=5)*(Checkbook!$H$18:$H$1999=50),0))