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Hello Sirs good morning, I have raised some Pivot Tables that originate from 2 sheets of the same file. I have tried to link the Reports or relate them so that my Data Segmentation allows me to work with all the information, but it has not been possible.
I have an iMac and the Data Tools options, Pivot for example, indicate that they are only available to Microsoft.
So what can I do about it?


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You can use Power Query on an iMac to combine and transform data from multiple sheets within the same Excel file. Power Query is a powerful data transformation tool that is available in both Excel for Windows and Excel for Mac. It allows you to create queries to import, transform, and load data from various sources, including multiple sheets within the same workbook.

Here is how you can use Power Query to combine data from two sheets on an iMac:

  1. Open Power Query: In Excel for Mac, Power Query is accessible under the "Data" tab. Click on "Get Data" to start creating a query.
  2. Import Data: Choose "From Workbook" and select your Excel file. You will then see a Navigator window showing a list of sheets in your workbook.
  3. Select Sheets: Select the sheets you want to import data from. You can select multiple sheets by holding down the Command key (⌘) while clicking on the sheet names.
  4. Transform Data: Power Query will open the Query Editor, where you can apply transformations to your data. You can filter, sort, remove columns, rename columns, and perform various transformations as needed.
  5. Merge Queries (Optional): If your data has a common field between the two sheets, you can use the "Merge Queries" option to combine data based on that common field. This is similar to creating relationships in Power Pivot, but you are doing it within Power Query.
  6. Load Data: Once you have transformed your data, click "Close & Load" to load the transformed data into a new worksheet or a data model.

Power Query offers a lot of flexibility in terms of data transformation and merging. It's a powerful tool that can help you create complex data workflows even on an iMac.

Keep in mind that the terminology and user interface might vary slightly between Excel on Windows and Excel on Mac, so make sure to refer to the Excel for Mac documentation or online tutorials specific to your version of Excel.

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