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Dear Experts,

I was working with Analysis Tab since March. Yesterday, when I was refreshing the laptop, this tool disappeared.

I tried to restart the application for few times. When I checked in Add-ins, the tab was there. But when I'm selecting it and clicking Go nothing is happening. 

I tried to open it via Developer and, when I choose the Analysis toolpak it's still not showing as a tab.

Are there any other ways to make it appear?

I would be very grateful for your advice. 


Best regards,

Anastasiia Kucheruk

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The Analysis toolpak shows as a button on the Data tab, on the far right, isn't that there for you?
WHat does your add-ins dialog look like, can you paste a screen-shot here please?

 Dear @Jan Karel Pieterse ,


Thank you for your reply.


I found out what was the issue.

The tab was disable.

I enabled it in Options and it works now.


Thank you for your support!