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I would like to know if there are any plans by Microsoft to bring back video editing in the OS in some form or fashion.  We are buying Macs just to create movies. It seems to me this would be a simple and realtively easy investment for Microsoft to make.



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Completely agree, in our case Adobe premiere is complete overkill for younger students on Windows or OSX

We install Microsoft MovieMaker on all our student Windows 10 tablets . Works just fine for what we do. It is still part of the Windows Essentials Suite. We just choose a custom install and uncheck everything but MovieMaker. It does require dotNet 2 or 3 which we have to install first using a commandline.

I want to support this request very much. A creators update focusing on 3D objects and having nothing for picture and video editing is not recognizing that there are very few 3D objects used in our daily life in social media but a lot of pictures and videos. Please rethink the 2012 decision to not develop Movie Maker any further.
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@MIKE HALVERSON  First, I see that this was penned in November 2016 with the last response written in March of 2017.


The latest update of the free Windows 10 Microsoft Photos App has video editing. It  has the ability to create a video interspersed with photos and video clips with voice-over, music, titles, special effects, etc.   It even has custom (copyright-free) music or you can add your own music.  It allows trimming of video content, so you can show different parts of the same video at different times throughout your creation.  An Add-on was just released with more themes, music and options.  It even renders in small, medium, and large to an MP4.


You can find it in the Microsoft Store.




The Photos app makes it easy for teachers and students to create videos in the classroom using photos, video clips, special effects, and music. Show how a pr...

We are now using the Photos app and not installing moviemaker. @Jeff Pence