What was your best/most successful Driving Adoption marketing campaign or event?

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I'm looking to be inspired! What was your most successful launch event, marketing campaign, activity, etc. to drive adoption? 

I've seen: 

  • Custom cupcakes given to each team that finished migrating content to Teams from file servers
  • Virtual scavenger hunts to promote the new SharePoint intranet
  • Office 365 pubquiz questions during informal company meetings
  • Modern Workplace marketplace for an office in transition to the New World of Work where O365 was linked to furniture & device selection 
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Hi @MarleenN in terms of a virtual scavenger hunt I've organised a competition to find a 4 digit code on a new SharePoint intranet. The person who finds the code gets to open the secret box located in the reception of HQ. The secret box in this case contained chocolates, various candy, O365 stickers and other Microsoft sway. It was pitched as a treasure hunt and branded in a pirate theme.
I like the virtual scavenger hunt! Thanks for sharing.

We're in the early stages of building out a new intranet on SharePoint ourselves right now. Although it's still newly in the works, and I'm looking to recruit champions early, let them build out their own department sites, and so they feel ownership and pride in promoting the future intranet.

I found in one of our most recent launches, the earlier I can adopt champions, the more ownership users are willing to take to resolve issues and learn the product rather than just forwarding complaints about not understanding the product or that it's "not working."
Oh, I love the idea of a themed hunt! That must have earned you a lot of kuddos. :)
If you don't mind me asking, what kind of corporate culture does your company have? I'm curious to see if my experiences match those of fellow Adoptees across the globe and if there's a pattern/correlation between type of culture and effective tactics & strategies. E.g. games work in a competitive, social, game oriented company but not in a hierarchal, strict finance company.