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Looking for options that we can provide to our end users for training. We want to be able to audit the training and ideal, offer a way for managers to see who is watching the training videos and offer some form of merit badges (like MVA/Microsoft Learn).   I was hopeful that the new learning pathways would offer this but in the current beta form, it is just a page with videos.   I was at Ignite last year and recall there being several options including some that worked within MS Teams.  Suggestions appreciated. Thanks! 


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Hi @Jeff Harlow ,


Just one idea! Microsoft Stream logs can be audited. If you provide training videos and live events through it, that log data might be useful. For example, if the log data was pulled into a SharePoint list (maybe a dashboard could be created with the data), it could be easily viewed by managers, and perhaps Microsoft Flow could be used to create an awards system that would trigger emails/alerts/notifications when users complete a video course or attend a live event.


Here are a couple of links that might help: