Reimagine the workplace with Office 365

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Microsoft posted some interesting videos recently that I think fit here and are worth sharing, covering collaboration, analytics and security in the modern workplace using Office 365.


Modern workplace.png
These are 360 videos that have some really neat effects based on three different scenes at the workplace.  There are meant to be seen with VR using a phone and headset ideally, otherwise just use the mouse to move around! There is some overlap in the content across the videos.




Sasha Regan, CEO leads Contoso, a mobile device OEM. To get the competitive edge, she’s recently migrated the entire company to Office in the cloud. She’s closely monitoring the impact of this roll out on her team’s collaboration, security, and analytics.



Melinda Quoro, CIO - There’s been a major cyber attack on an industry competitor. Melinda’s on high alert, especially with the launch of Project Blue. She’s collaborating with her team and Microsoft engineers to ensure Contoso’s network is fully secure.




 Jacob Stover, CMO - Jacob is preparing for the launch of Project Blue. He’s collaborating with his team to design a launch campaign that will win the Gen-Z audience. He’s hungry for actionable insights that will optimize his go-to-market strategy.


These come from Microsoft Canada and is part of the Customer Immersion Experience.

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