Microsoft Office Vision within your organization

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What would you say your vision in driving adoption within your organization? Has your organization discussed a usage vision, priorities, etc? Any apps that you have found most commonly used, and ways ways you got buy in from your staff. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. 


Thank you in advance!

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Hello @Darrell_A 


Within my department we have jumped into Forms, SharePoint, Teams and Power Automate. Using SharePoint Lists have been a great addition for us to keep the organisation and specific teams up-to-date with Depots and Ports closing due to Weather, Incidents and other reasons. Prior to this, we would send an email round every time there was a closure along with updating a Excel Spreadsheet. Now, we can submit a form which will update SharePoint List, send a notification to various Teams channels and allows us to connect easily via SharePoint to track total closures, reason totals and track time frames from closing to re-opening.