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Under this mode all website could directly be edited in Word

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I remember you posting this before too and like I said Word and websites that are based on HTML/CSS/JavaScript are 2 different things.
I suggest you do some research about these subjects and you will learn more about them.

Word has a feature that lets you transform the documents to Sway web pages:

@HotCakeX I mean that no matter which page we read on Edge, for instance an article like this:

These breakthroughs will make 2021 better than 2020 | Bill Gates (gatesnotes.com)

if you click the Word mode, all the pages became a Word document so that we can edit the page to our need

well pages have lots of content that are not fit for a Word document,
you can Ctrl + A on the page, select all the content and paste in Word, you'll see they won't appear as you wanted.
the other option you have is to first use the Immersive reader mode on the page, remove the unnecessary elements and then select all and paste in Word.

websites are not usually full of texts; they are heavily designed with CSS and JS, then when you paste them into a text editor, you get distorted results.


I also want to suggest taking a look at this OneNote web clipper extension:

OneNote Web Clipper - Microsoft Edge Addons