Why not combine Office(Word Excel PPT), Outlook, Skype, Microsoft community all into Edge.

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Edit an article in Edge in Word mode and publish it in MS community instantly or email your customers with a click of you mouse. Don't you think that the outlook edit window is so small and lack of lots of functions in Word? Why not just edit your email in Word on Edge?

If you edit on Edge, the system will automatically save your writing, and you won't worry about not saving you articles.

What I mean Word mode in Edge is not the Word extension in Edge today. It's exactly the same as the Word you use on your PC. Type keyboard shortcut "Ctrl W" in your search box to open up your Word on Edge; type keyboard shortcut "Ctrl E" in your search box to open up Excel in Edge; and type keyboard shortcut "Ctrl P" in your search box to open up PowerPoint in Edge.

When you finish your article on Edge, just click the "publish" button on the top of Word mode to publish it on MS community instantly. Why such a brilliant forum only restricted to technology issues? Why not adopt it into an international integrated media to rival YouTube, Facebook, Medium, Quora and Zhihu? Open up topics, groups, discussions, question, blog articles, self-publishing, code, formula, audio, radios, music list, videos, Excel charts, PowerPoint demonstrations etc. all these stuff into one forum. We could charge reader by Byte he read and by second he watch to guarantee the quality of the community. We have more than 2 billion Microsoft users! Why not take this advantage to promote the MS community? If users can easily edit an article on Edge in Word and edit a video with PPT in Edge then publish them on Microsoft community will become another Facebook. I hate the domination of Facebook! And I don't like its style!

And when users edit an email in the Word mode of Edge, then click the "Email" button to type down your contacts  and email to him. All the font, size, color, animations will all delivered to your customer who are using the same Word mode of Edge. That is something that Gmail cannot do!

And in my opinion, we should be unified the format of Word, Excel, PPT to all to HTML so that all the  Edge extensions could be applied into Word Excel PPT either!

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multiple concepts and products are being mixed up together in here. (Office products, Tech community, Edge). in this community Edge developers can only change Edge browser. not Office products nor the Tech community. they all have their own community.


Microsoft Tech community recently got video hub to present technical videos about Microsoft products in one place



there are 100+ communities for each product if you click on "community hub" at the top of every page, and choose " browser all community hubs"



Quora, Medium etc. they are general purposes Q&A sites. Microsoft Tech communities only revolve around specific Microsoft products.


in order to access Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other Office products fast and quickly, there are a Lot of ways.


in the New tab page in Edge (personal Microsoft account):




again, in the new tab page (Microsoft 365 subscribers):




more info: https://blogs.windows.com/msedgedev/2020/10/29/enterprise-new-tab-page-my-feed/


you also pin Office.com to favorites, Pin it to Start menu or Dock in Mac, Pin it to Taskbar etc. for faster access. if it is pinned to favorites, when you type in the address bar: "Microsoft Word etc.", you will be able to go to Word online quickly.


but these are different than the Microsoft Tech Community's built-in post editor. Word can't be used in here. because Word is for an entirely different purpose, the tools in Tech community post editor are for making and editing a post, blog etc.




and forums on the Internet all have these tools more or less, it's pretty normal.


For emailing Word, Excel, PowerPoint to a colleague, if you are using online version of them, then they are automatically saved to OneDrive and you can share them with anyone quickly




and you also have all Office apps here




if you aren't using online version, then in the Office package you have Outlook 365 or 2019 installed, everything is connected and that's another story.


Can't add more content to my previous comment so I'm just going to put it here




this is what happens you pin Word to favorites, also applies to Excel, PowerPoint etc.

@HotCakeX Thank you so much for your help! It's really helpful! But I have some more ideas:

①Please add keyboard shortcut to enter the Office, type the following orders in the search box:

"Ctrl W" to enter Word on Edge;

"Ctrl E" to enter Excel on Edge;

"Ctrl P" to enter PowerPoint on Edge

Embedded videos, excel charts, PPT, audios on your Word documents like viewing a website

Embedded audio like this below in Word. And accelerate speed from 0.3 to 3 times, 0.1 times per degree. And make sure we can arbitrarily adjust the playback progress; fast forward and fast backward; playlist functions; single loop and list loop...


The same as the embedded video. Why not use office's own videos sites instead of embedded from other sites.

③ Make sure all the Edge extension work well on your Word either. For instance, when you view a video or listen to an audio on your Word, the bilingual sub extension will work either. And when you read an article on your Word, make sure your dictionary extension on Edge will work either.

④Add publish button and email button on the Edge Word! Click publish button to publish your article on the website you want to publish. Click email button and type in your contact to email your Word document.


You're welcome!
the shortcuts can't happen, because they are already assigned to other tasks that belong to the browser, not a specific website (Word, Excel etc.), the shortcuts are reserved for browser tasks.


Ctrl + P = Printing

Ctrl + W = Tab closing

Ctrl + E = search in address bar

but there are already way too many ways to access them so that shouldn't cause any problem.

number 2 is a feedback for Word. if you have Word installed on your computer then it has feedback feature. you can also use this: https://word.uservoice.com/

number 3, need to be more specific with extensions, like which one is exactly not working.

number 4, there is no Edge Word. Microsoft Word and Microsoft Edge are 2 different products.
Word can be used as app on Android, IOS, Mac, Windows, or as a PWA in Word online, which is a website. it has its own set of features, for emailing, sharing etc.

you can install Word online as a PWA (progressive web app) and use it on Edge on any device (Windows, Mac, Linux, IOS, Android etc.)


some websites like Outlook or Twitter automatically offer them




and for the rest that don't automatically offer it, you can use this method:





@HotCakeX I don't why reply always vanish by the system. The shortcut was just an example, you can figure out some others. The extension won't work in the Word are like these:

YouTube™双字幕 - Chrome 网上应用店 (google.com)

划词翻译 - Chrome 网上应用店 (google.com)

Other problems will be feed back to Word. Thanks!

@HotCakeX How did you get "New Application Guard window?"
There can be lots of reasons, don't know the exact situation when it happened.

those extensions don't work on Word online, and is it related to Edge? or do they not work on Chrome and other Chromium based browsers too?