Microsoft Edge Legacy side by side experience no longer possible on Windows 10 2009

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Why would you remove the option to use Microsoft Edge legacy side by side with Edge Chromium, especially when all the features from the old build are not included in Edge Chromium, most notable adding and editing notes on PDF?


You have no right so whatsoever to remove Microsoft Edge legacy, especially when users SPECIFICALLY enable them for a reason*.


I use Microsoft Edge Legacy because of its awesome PDF tool. 


Using PDF on Edge Chromium in general really sucks to be frank*. I don't understand the want for 'smooth scrolling' when you can't even add or edit notes on pdf...

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You can ink on PDFs, @Deleted, in the new Edge browser too. And you have the ability to take screenshots and ink on them if you have or if your version is above 88.0.673.0.



I use inking on Edge Legacy when I want to make quick and sudden small notes.


However when I want to go in great depth I need the ability to add notes on text. 


Additionally, inking on Edge using a mouse is sometimes a pain and not ideal for writing long notes.


All I want is the ability to use Microsoft Edge legacy side by side with Edge Chromium. Trying to enable Microsoft Edge Legacy side by side feature in Windows 10 2009 leads me to broken and temporary solutions. This is not ideal. 

@Deleted I agree, but you always have Word, OneNote, or Sticky Notes. You don't need to use Edge Legacy for that.


Edge legacy offers an all in one solution that is also free.


I don't want to covert PDFs to word document, or have to use multiple software to make notes for just one reading.


That is what's unique and awesome about Edge Legacy PDF. 

Ok whatever you can do your own stuff. I didn't tell you to use OneNote and Sticky Notes at the same time.


That is fine.

If you have used Edge legacy PDF tool you would understand how seamless and simple the entire process is. 

@Deleted Ok I will check if there is Edge Legacy on my laptop (right now I have 2004 version of Windows) and I will keep you updated.


There is. Microsoft gives you the ability to enable Microsoft Edge legacy, and use it side by side with Edge Chromium.




On Window 10 2009, Microsoft took that ability away (I can't find their reason for why). You can no longer use Edge legacy on Windows 19 2009 without having to use temporary and broken solutions that just disappears every time Edge Chromium or Windows 10 updates.


I don't know.

I am just frustrated and annoyed, and I am voicing my disapproval on here, that is all.


It is still possible. I've answered in another thread how to enable. It is a bit tedious. After following this, if for whatever reason Edge Legacy shortcut is not visible in start menu, you can a create desktop shortcut. To do this, type 'shell:appsfolder' in run and create shortcut of microsoft edge with old icon.

The "read aloud" feature in the new Edge unexpectedly skips rows in a table, the old Edge does not. I’d rather maintain the ability to use both versions side by side. It would be even better if Microsoft solved the “read aloud” issue in the new Edge.

I am a web developer and I have been running Edge Legacy and Edge Chromium side-by-side so that I can test our clients' websites in both browsers, because not all of the users of those websites will have updated Windows 10 far enough that Edge Chromium will have been installed on their machines.

But after a recent Windows 10 update the Edge Legacy icon has disappeared from the Applications folder (enter shell:appsfolder in the Run dialog to navigate directly there), which was the only location from which I could reliably launch Edge Legacy in the past. (Because any shortcuts I made to Edge Legacy would inevitably be overwritten as shortcuts to Edge Chromium.)

This is very frustrating because I have to be able to use both browsers. They have entirely different rendering and JavaScript engines, EdgeHTML and Blink/V8, respectively. And it's also pointless for me to test sites in Edge Chromium anyway because that testing is redundant with the testing we're already doing in Google Chrome.


I'm almost at the point where I'm going to try to forcibly remove Edge Chromium.