when hitting back button on latest edge canary the browser crashes

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It happened more than three times in past four hours and finally I figured out hitting back button after multiple clicks or after restore the crashed session, again crashes the browser. I am also on windows insider and i have latest fast ring preview release of windows.

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It crashes immediately if you right click the back button to view history. The forward button appears to be working fine.

@Pulak1901 @PY563 


I'm on Edge Version 84.0.488.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)

and Windows insider fast ring build 19608


i tried clicking on the back button, forward button, right-clicking on back button to see history, none of them crashed the browser..what am I missing?

Hello @HotCakeX
I'm also on Version 84.0.488.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit).

The OS is Windows 10 Home, 1909 (Build 18363.778).
Even in a new window if I open any site and then right click or hold click on the back button, the browser crashes. On restarting I get a notification asking me if I would like to reopen my previous pages.
I found %LocalAppdata%/Microsoft/Edge SxS/Application/debug.log with only this warning being written to it after each crash:

[0419/214156.966:WARNING:minidump_to_upload_parameters.cc(36)] duplicate key guid, discarding value 720c8aa1-a199-4eb5-9ded-93477c88b366

Is that the debug log I should be looking at or is there a more verbose debug log that could help?

It appears so,
I wonder if you reinstall your browser with clearing user data, would that fix the issue. I don't know why I can't reproduce it. I tried holding click on the back button to reveal my history, then clicked one from the list and went to it
Regarding the history, it crashes before showing the list. The debug log lists the same guid every time, and it crashes even if I just opened one page from a new tab.
I tried browsing as guest and had the same crash, so I'll test a clean reinstall tomorrow.
Sounds good, hopefully it will fix it
No dice, still getting the same crash and the same guid after reinstalling.

I am also getting this issue in Edge Canary version 84.0.488.0 and I had sent feedback about it in Microsoft Edge and I got an e-mail yesterday that they are working on this issue.

This is unbelievable but I just tried this again and my browser crashed Lol
I think it randomly worked for me only one time. Gotta wait for the next build I guess.

i was using my other browser and i come back to frequently use edge today and it happened again twice on same tab


Yeah, not sure when it's releasing, i was expecting one Monday but didn't happen
It's fixed for me on Version 84.0.492.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)

We appreciate you all letting us know!


@PY563 @Pulak1901, I'm happy to confirm that a fix has been deployed and is working its way through the builds. 


And thanks, @HotCakeX and @TheShaunSaw for noticing this already and helping out the community here and on other posts. :)


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