WebView2 Websockets events

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Hi, I cannot find right forum, so I am using this, sorry, if it is not right place.

I am using WebView2 component in WPF application from Microsoft.Web.WebView2 1.0.721 nuget package, with installed "Evergreen" MS Edge WebView2 runtime (currently in version 88.0.705.56).


When using events WebResourceRequested (with filter *, All) or WebResourceResponseReceived,

there is nothing about WebSockets - either Request nor Response. All other requests are successfully handled, but Websockets no.

When I popup dev tools using F12 from my application, "Network" tab is showing websockets

101 Switching Protocols response + Messages "subtab" with all websocket messages captured.


So my question is - can Edge fire websocket application events? Is it propagated to WebView2 layer? Is it reflected in .NET wrapper around it?

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Thank you very much, this really helped me to find that someone already find same issue.


@janstuchlik , that's great to know! Thanks for using WebView2!