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There is just one reason why I'm not able to migrate from FF to Edge Chromium: Syncing tabs or sending tabs to another device is not yet implemented! Is it already on the roadmap?

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Yes absolutely,
Open tabs syncing is currently in a Controlled feature roll-out state, meaning that only a select group of Edge insider users have access to it for the time being, soon it will be generally available to all Canary users, then Dev and finally Beta users.

after that on the road map there is History and Extension syncing.
The full sync options will be added before the final and stable version of the new Edge browser will be released.

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A supplementary answer to your question, you can use the Share function in the Edge insider browser And the Your Phone app on your mobile phone to send tabs and links to your devices.


This way is different from browser syncing and can be used right now


These instructions are from Edge insider Version 79.0.301.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)


Step 1, click on the Ellipsis menu on the top-right corner of your browserStep 1, click on the Ellipsis menu on the top-right corner of your browser



Step 2 - select Your Phone app from the listStep 2 - select Your Phone app from the list



Step 3Step 3


Step 4Step 4



Let me know how it goes,

here is the official help regarding the Your Phone app

@Michael_Buchner I would really like to see this functionality too. I use Firefox explicitly for this reason. It would be great if I could do this through Edge. The function I most want is the ability to send a tab from Edge on Android to Edge on the desktop (or any other Android/Windows device where I have Edge installed).

Using the Microsoft "My Phone" app along with MIcrosoft Launcher and Cortana, I have had access to my Edge tabs from my phone to my laptop.
Nice, when History syncing and open tab syncing will be added to both Android and desktop version of Edge, things will be even easier

@HotCakeXwhat about sending a tab from PC to tablet, does it work to? Edge on Android is able to send the tab to any device, Edge on PC seems to support sending to my phone only.

@Shane_Hutchison 'Using the Microsoft "My Phone" app along with Microsoft Launcher and Cortana, I have had access to my Edge tabs from my phone to my laptop.' This is exactly what worries me about the automatic migration from Classic Edge to Chromium Edge - is Microsoft doing enough to publicise how simple sharing, sending tabs, and other features are on Windows 10 when linked with Android?  the World at large seems to think that Chrome or Firefox are the only browsers that sync properly, yet if you set things up properly, using the relevant Microsoft Apps across your Windows, Mac, and Android devices its pretty seamless really... as has been the case with Classic Edge for a good while now.

When Open tab syncing will be available, it will be possible to do that.
but as of now, it's still unavailable even in Canary channel
Any news on the sync open tabs feature? Seems it was already in Canary some months ago?!

Same for me - having tab sync across devices would be the killer feature for me. To specify, it would need to be similar to Firefox in that there is an up-to-date list of tabs open on each device which I could pull from (not actively push to) any other device and choose to open one or more specific tabs. As opposed to Chrome, which is history based and thus utterly useless for my intended use case (continue browsing where I left off on any device, but not on tabs closed some time in the past). now mentions "sync of browsing history".

So is this what I described above (currently open tabs, not history) worked upon at all? If yes, I will continue to watch this space... 

@HotCakeX Open tab sync is now available in Edge Stable but if you don't want to sync all open tabs but only want to send a tab from Win 10 device 1 to Win 10 device 2, it still won't work. You're just able to send an open tab/page to my smartphone.

Hi again,
i think i replied to you on the other thread ^^
so when you open the history flyout or sidebar by clicking on its icon on Edge toolbar, there is a section called "Tabs from other devices"
in there you should be able to see tabs from other devices that are open, and open them on another device.
I know that feature and it's really pretty cool but imagine the following use case:
You've found an interesting page on your mobile phone but it's easier to read on the desktop and want to send it to the desktop and close the tab on the mobile phone. In this case you don't want to grab a tab that is open on the mobile phone (because it's no longer open) but you want to go ahead on the desktop with the tab you have received from the mobile phone. Got it? ;)
Have a look at Firefox, here you can send a tab to another device without need to leave it open.
press Alt + shift + i or click on the feedback button on Edge to send this suggestion to the devs