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Hi all,


Hope I am in the right space, sorry if I am not.


One of my customers wants to be able to view local .vsdx files in Edge as they did in IE before. Edge does start in IE mode, and the file is no longer being blocked. However the file opens as a blanc tab. 

Has anyone of you got ideas how to fix this.

Thanks, Hans

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We have the same issue here.

According to there are Edge GPOs that can be set as follow:

- InternetExplorerIntegrationLocalFileExtensionAllowList\1 = *.vsdx
- InternetExplorerIntegrationLevel = 1 (IEMode)
- InternetExplorerIntegrationLocalFileShowContextMenu = 1

But the VSDX files are still trying to open in Internet Explorer. We are using 102.0.1245.39 (Edge Extended Stable) and Windows 10 20H2.
Same issue, found a fix from a reddit forum -

Create a new registry file with the below settings and do a regular open rather than open with


Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

@="\"C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Microsoft\\Edge\\Application\\msedge.exe\" -ie-mode-file-url -- \"%1\""