"Reopen closed tab" not work

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How to reproduce

  1. open two windows, window A contains any number tabs and Window B only contains one tab.
  2. close Window B (close the window or close the tab).
  3. do "Reopen closed tab" in window A, then window A will lose focus, but no new window opened!
  4. If select "Open tabs form the previous session" in setting "When Edge starts". Edge will restore window A and B after restart.

Something may helpful

after close a window contain more than one tab, "Reopen closed tab" should be replaced by "Restore Window".

It's HARD to reproduce!

  • new "User Data" without account login: cannot reproduce.
  • new "User Data" with my account: cannot reproduce when first run. can reproduce after fully restart.
  • disable all sync option and reset sync, then create new "User Data" with my account (Syncing is turned on by default when Edge starts for the first time): cannot reproduce when first run. can reproduce after fully restart.
  • new "User Data" with my account and disconnect the Internetcannot reproduce.


It looks like my account has been polluted by a sync option that cannot be turned off or cleared on the server. This bug stays with me as long as I login my account and turn on sync.


Update: My friend reproduced successfully. I guess that login any account can reproduce this bug.

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