Version 119.0.2132.0 canary: Downloads is broken

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I am unable to download anything. Downloads refuses to allow me to save/name a file. Note that "Ask me what to do with each download" is toggled On. 

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Same for me, no more option "Save As...."

Back with 2124 version
Version 119.0.2138.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit) - Save As - still broken and has been for over 2 weeks

..and here I've been thinking the issue was 100% on my end.  Uninstalled/reinstalled multiple times, cleared EdgeSxS completely.  Hope it's fixed soon.

@Watney cause this we need change extension of files =(

They pushed this version to Dev and the same thing is happening - no downloads will work, they just 'complete' immediately.

The same for me. Still not working in newest cersion from today night: Version 119.0.2143.0 (Offizielles Build) canary (64-Bit) 

@Watney119.0.2132.0 dev 。I, too, can't download

@syyyjafter download u need to change file extension

I've the same issue too on version 119.0.2132.0 dev channel. My files seem to be downloaded but the download's icon have a problem mark and the file that got downloaded saved as .crdownload and I have to manually change the file's extension.