touchpad swipe lag on MacOS bug

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There seems to be a bug where after a while of browsing, without quitting the browser, whenever you do the swipe gesture to go back or forth using a touchpad on a mac or magic trackpad, the animation (left/right arrow on the respective side of the screen) will appear on the screen and stay there for 1 second, then it will go as you wish. It normally should be instantaneous. I have submitted several bug reports with diagnostics and videos included from both my intel imac and m1 pro macbook. I know other people have this issue because there is another thread for this but its fallen on deaf ears:


Reducing lag when swiping back on MS Edge on Mac - Microsoft Community


can someine at MSFT ackowledge this at least because this is a bug and can only be solved by restarting the browser. The bug will pop up again after some time without quitting the browser... This bug is on stable and beta as far as i know as i do not use canary.




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i should mention, MSFT replicated the issue themsleves as well:




Thank you for writing to Microsoft Community Forums.


I understand your query related to the lag when swiping between pages on Microsoft Edge.


We tried reproducing your query on our lab machines and found the same behaviour as you’re seeing.


I would also appreciate if you could provide feedback and suggestions so that our developing team can look into the suggestions and constantly improve the features. You can Open Microsoft Edge. Click on the Settings & More Ellipsis (…) on the right hand corner and then, select Help & Feedback and select Send Feedback"


This was last april and this hasnt been fixed

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Hey there! Just wanted to confirm that I've sent this thread (and others like the one you linked) to the team that works on Mac for review! If you haven't already, make sure you do submit feedback in the browser as well.
thank you. I submitted around 3 reports of this issue :)

@nealdave97 Hey, Neal! Thanks again for raising this here.


We found this to be related to a chromium bug, which was resolved on the 16th of this month. Commenters on the bug state that this is now resolved, however there seems to be other issues open here and here.


Can you tell me if you are still experiencing issues with the swipe lag on macOS? If you are, it's possible you are hitting one of the new issues linked above. I'd love to gather diagnostics from you if you are still seeing the lag. I can get you the exact details to get us a trace going if you are still hitting this, so that the team can dig deep into what is happening here. Thanks in advance, I look forward to your response! :)


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this isnt a issue with scrolling up and down, this an issue with using the swipe left/right gesture to go back and forward a page! I included videos in my bug reports as well to highlight this

sorry for the late response but this is a gesture lag issue, not a scrolling issue. That is, swipe left to go back a back and swipe right to go forward. This is done using the magic trackpad on an imac/ trackpad on a macbook. These gestures prompt page back and forward almost instantaneously as seen in Google Chrome, however there is a period of 1 second or more after doing these gestures
Since last Edge update I see same behavior. Edge Version 104.0.1293.47 (Official build) (arm64). So I do not understand who fixed what, but it is what it is. Bug is there
I can confirm that it's now working fine at Microsoft Edge Version 104.0.1293.63 (Official build) (arm64). The delay has gone.

@JamesWilson19This issue still occurs sometimes, and it can be quite annoying, though a restart can often resolve the problem.

Is there any progress regarding this issue? It has been persisting for years.