tabs problem

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I've spotted a new tab problem in the latest version 102(canary). when I go fullscreen in a tab and exit fullscreen, the tabs I tabs are disappeared and I see a plus option(new tab button). it happens very often... this problem gets solved when I click the plus button. please, everybody, see to this problem and solve it. (edited) I got the image of the issue. problem.jpgSee in the image, it is blank and then a plus sign(new tab button) is there. please try to figure out the problem and make it popular so Microsoft corrects the mistake.  until solved, click the plus button to exit the problem. Thanks

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I am seeing the same issue.
The invisible tab bar is a known issue that we're working on. It happens when a tab updates its title while the window is minimized, and anything that causes the tab bar to repaint (like opening a new tab) will fix it.