Synchronization Between Different Devices

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First of all, thank you, Microsoft team, for the efforts you put to improve the services provided to the users. I have never seen a company that listens to user feedback so sincerely.

I started using edge insider(Chromium-based) and I really like it. I like it more than I think I should because your team adapt to the circumstances and try to provide the best and also we can see the improvement with every update. So today I went a step ahead and installed edge for android.

First of all, it's a great browser too. It is fast and I really like the full adblocker integration. The problem comes when you go from one system to another. The experience is far from seamless. I know the team is working on that and you might provide what we want in the coming future but today is not that day. I have never been able to synchronize history between two different operating systems even when I was on the older edge. Google synchronization is better.

History synchronizes perfectly on chrome across different devices and google has a Google Now feed that improves itself depends on how much we use browser. It shows the news for what we have searched in the past. News is based on user interest, unlike Microsoft news which shows everything but relevant stuff.

I know you guys are working hard and I appreciate that but users like me want something seamless. You have too many apps for too many things(like your phone app) but none works as it should.

Apple is a perfect example of how things should be done. They have done and i think you can do it too. Let's hope for the best

Thank You

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Honestly If you like apple products (which i think are useless and too expensive for nothing and there are countless proofs for that) then you should use them, some people just love to pay 999$ for a single monitor stand; but don't compare a completed product such as Google Chrome to a program which is not even in beta, not even in alpha, but in pre-alpha state.
Right now the new edge browser is not even comparable with the top 5 best browsers in the market, because of the reason i mentioned earlier, it's for enthusiasts and developers, so let's not forget that.

And there is no "full adblocker integration" in the new edge. it's only a basic tracking protection. the kind of full adblocker you're looking for comes with extensions like ublock with its hardcore multiple filters that reduce the internet ads to nearly 0%.

there are a lot of companies that listen to the feedbacks besides Microsoft, one of the is Valve corporation which I've had experience with.

IMO the best way to help the team is to make helpful feedbacks and bug reports to them.
about Your Phone app, it does with it is supposed to do, a lot of people, including me, are using it and it's a real helpful companion, if you have problems with it you should fill a feedback about it and let the developers know.

You didn't read my post clearly. 

First of all, I am not a fanboy. I like Microsoft, that's why I am here posting reviews in the first place. I never said anything bad about the edge insider. It's a great browser and I wrote that clearly. The problem comes when we try to change our platform. It is far from seamless. I wrote what they needed to offer and the example I gave was apple and google. Apple products are not useless, they are overpriced but not useless(except that STAND). I am saying this even though I don't have an apple product. 

You use your phone application. It was launched back in 2015-2016 and we only have messages, photos and Notification sync. If you like this app then please give a try to the Dell Mobile Connect application. 

About that adblocker, I was talking about the edge on android. It has full adblocker integration and that's a very good thing. Look they might have a plan for the different things but users don't know that and its very difficult to have a different application for a different thing without any proper continuity. 

I posted this thought because there is no proper place to post it.




I read your post clearly.

I never said you're a fanboy, you said that. I only responded to the points you mentioned, you shouldn't take it as a personal attack, because it's a forum and you just started a conversation.

mac OSX is both useless and pure scam. they don't fix all the exploit in their systems, even when people send them bugfixes. apple keeps a lot of exploits secret. when people try to find them they say there is no exploit.

WebKit at compile produce 10.000 warnings and more lol. while Blink does under 50.

apple's bash is pretty outdated. Google writes code much more cleaner than apple does, because apple just want to scam their customers. apple don't have global services, they don't work in all the countries. the list of the problems goes on and on.

by the way it's not my business if you love or hate microsoft, i couldn't care less lol, i'm not paid by them. so you don't need to explain to me why you post here. if you wanna present an example then apple is the worst of all.

there is a proper place related to You phone app, I'm sure Windows 10 and Windows insider forums are more relatable than Edge insider forum.

I presented my point of view as a user and how Microsoft can improve things. I like apple integration across different devices but again that is my point of view. You don't agree with that and that's totally understandable.

Peace @HotCakeX 


of course i understand, you said your point of view and i talked about the facts as a user.