[Suggestion] If a bookmark folder name starts with an emoji use it as the folder icon

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It would be really good for a more personalized experience and, I believe, easy to implement, that it was possible to change the icon of folders in the bookmarks (especially if they are on the bookmarks bar).


For a easier solution, instead of creating UI and icons for folders, it would be pretty good, if when naming a folder the first character was an emoji, to use it as the folder icon.



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it's a nice suggestion, I want the same thing,
I'm not sure how they are going to make Edge tell the difference between texts vs emojis,
but i think it would be good to have an option to change the icon of these yellow folders to something else or completely hide them :)

if you haven't already, please submit this suggestion using feedback button on Edge too, I'm going to do the same

@pmonteiro This is a great piece of feedback! I will be submitting this as a feedback as well!