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When I hover over a link I get the normal preview of the link at the bottom of the browser but I also get a larger link preview in a green or blue bar that blocks content on the page.

Is there a way to disable this? Seems like a really stupid feature and it will be a deal breaker for me for use Edge as a browser.

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from your description, I think you have an extension that is causing that,
you can check your extensions from here: edge://extensions/

try disabling all of them temporarily, restart the browser and see if that thing still appears. if it does please attach a screenshot of it.

@HotCakeX  thank you for your quick reply.

You were correct. It was an extension causing that popup bar.

The extension was called Link Revealer. I don't recall installing it but I must have at come point.

You're welcome,
yes I think so :)