SS36: smart social media text expander

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i wish i can write %% apple, banana, bear etc %% and edge convert it to #apple #banana #bear

same for example with çç apple, banana çç  by adding @apple @banana 


or maybe to integrate something like 


that is able to do that.


would be much faster to write tags, especially for website that don't support easy tag mode like here. 



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@edgesuggestions Why is there the "tiktok" and "tik tok" tag?

@Kam  because tags are used especially for tiktok and instagram (less for other socials). until now i haven't started my brands on tiktok, but i'm still thinking to do that in future. mac app text expander are only good for default configuration, like i do with edge for my ss, pp, qq, etc.. 

@edgesuggestions Got it. And I use tags on my blog posts too.

tiktok this thing who is chineese and who have used social noting (ulgy etc ?) hum not for me thanks xD

@Wittycat xD like Kam wrote: wordpress, wix, youtube, notejoy, etc. work with tags too. every website use different methods:

some have this **bleep**ty select each tag from the list,

other you write # # #

other @ @ @

other , , , (best solution)

other ; ; ;



i still miss vine. is better vine for you?

I'm fluent in English language and technical terms specially those related to Edge, but Still, can't make heads or tails of this suggestion.

there are even more tags than actual useful contents.