Small sections of text on sites are garbled until highlighted

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Beginning perhaps a week or two ago and continuing through today after the latest update was installed (Version 81.0.410.1 (Official build) dev (64-bit)) small sections of text on pages on a few different sites are first rendered as an unreadable, garbled mess.


At first I noticed it with italicized text, but once I noted the issue, it appeared not to be limited to that.


Most recently I observed this on this page toward the end of the main post. This is how the page first rendered:



When I select the text with my mouse it re-renders legibly:



And then remains legible:



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Hi @music2myear 

it's a known, issue,

this is the comment that Edge developer said about it:


"the visual glitch is completely random and not caused by any user actions, although highlighting the text should fix it (at least until it happens again).  It's caused by an upstream Chromium bug, and we received the fix for it from them earlier this week, so it should make it into the next Dev release.  "

@HotCakeX  Thanks for that info.