Sleeping tabs issue macOS

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Sleeping tabs is not working at all with latest edge update on macOS. Anybody facing the same issue? 


Version 93.0.961.47 
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Hey there! 


We've gotten a few reports of this on macOS and sent them to the team to investigate! Thanks for your patience as we dig in to what's going on here, but if you haven't already do you mind submitting feedback in browser? From the ... menu > Help & Feedback > Send Feedback. Could you include my username and yours, as well as check the box to include diagnostic data? This will give the team more info to work with as they investigate!


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Hey again!

This should now be resolved, please let me know if you're still running into this! =)
hi Alexandra,
today i update my edge to version 95.0.1020.30 and the sleeping tabs not working after the update. it is working fine before the update fyi.
Hello again. I can confirm that the issue has returned with 95.0.1020.30

Thanks @ahmed_85 and @myd07 for the reports on 95.0.1020.30!


I've flagged this to the team for another look =)

@Alexandra-R  the issue is also there with Version 95.0.1020.38

Sorry for the delay updating here! The fix for this is in 95.0.1020.39, let me know if you're still seeing issues after that update =)

hi@Alexandra-R the bug is fixed, thanks for your help.