Silverlight Support??

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Guys I know there was no Silverlight support in the old Edge, but what about this one?  Or even the IE Tab extension that's available for Chrome?

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Hi @LWG40000, can you elaborate on what scenarios you are trying to get to work with Silverlight?  Is this a line of business application or game that you want to enable?



@Elliot Kirk  Hi Elliot and thank you for your quick reply.  It's a business Application.  Today the largest ERP style platform available globally for law firms (and other time and billing based services firms) is called Elite 3E (  The platform is still on Silverlight.  Although they are moving off to HTML5 that is likely a year or two away for many clients in their migration strategy and their ability to move to Edge would be of substantial benefit as it would remove the requirement to continue to use IE11, which is the case right now for hundreds of firms managing billions in revenue.


It looks like your out of luck on this one. Since the new edge is a slightly modified chromium, it has no NPAPI support at all (it was removed completely a few years back) that silverlight depends on.

Your only option for silverlight is IE, or an ancient version of chrome or firefox.

But if you absolutely do not want to open up IE, there is an extension for chrome (that you can add to "new" edge) called IE tab.

It basically hosts a IE session within a chrome tab.



thanks - yes I saw that, but I can't see it in the extensions available right now.  Perhaps it will come later?



Maybe. But if you really need it you can get it off google's extension store, new edge will pick up and install it.

@_shellprompt1515 I have a question about this.  I, too, need Silverlight but for the Skype for Business console.  I have 3 IT company sites that I need to run as a different user (my IT Admin account).  I launch a version of IE now for these sites.  I know I can run the new Edge as a different user and have this set up.  If I install IE Tab will it launch as the same user as the browser?  I would love to be able to stop using IE and this is the last reason.  Thanks

Jerry Ferguson

OK, never mind, I was just able to test this and worked great.   I load the page as a home page but just have to click the IE Tab button and it loads correctly as my admin.  Fantastic!  I am happily turning my back on IE now...  FINALLY