[Solved] Microsoft Edge freezes for few minutes after start up on Mac if Silverlight is installed

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Microsoft Edge hangs after a few seconds it is started. After a few minutes, it returns back to normal. This problem occurs few months ago. I tried reinstall it and it didn't help. Of course I use the latest version. (currently 101.0.1210.47)


Today, I started it directly from the command line and I got the error log.

[0514/094738.282384:ERROR:util.cc(131)] Can't create base directory: **PII**/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/EdgeUpdater
[0514/094738.282903:ERROR:updater.cc(116)] Error getting base dir.
[0514/094738.283251:ERROR:util.cc(131)] Can't create base directory: **PII**/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/EdgeUpdater
[0514/094738.283284:ERROR:util.cc(144)] Failed to get the base directory.
[0514/094738.283304:ERROR:crash_reporter.cc(79)] Failed to get the database path.

When I tried to create the "EdgeUpdater" directory by myself, I found that the owner of "/Users/<my login user>/Library/Application Support/Microsoft" is root. This directory only contains "Silverlight". I guess that installation of "Silverlight" created that directory with root user.


I have another Mac machine having Edge but no Silverlight installed. The owner of "Microsoft" directory is non-root user. I went back to the problem machine, uninstall Silverlight (I don't need it actually), delete the "Microsoft" directory and start Edge again. This time Edge doesn't hang and I can see the "Microsoft" directory is recreated with a non-root user.


I hope this can help for people having the same problem.


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