Show the number of favorites/bookmarks in Edge in edge://favorites/

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I want to know how many bookmarks/favorites I have (excluding folders), just pure favorite items but due to having multiple folders, It's hard to CTRL + A (select all shortcut) on each folder, add the numbers one by one to find out how many bookmarks/favorites I have.

please add the number somewhere in here: edge://favorites/

everyone will benefit from it. also it helps to detect if any favorites are duplicated.

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@HotCakeX Thanks for the suggestion. Our Favorites team asked that you submit this request through the browser, so they can keep it together with their other feedback items. Can you also tell us a little more about how having a count of your favorites would be helpful?


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Hi, thank you,
favorites count would help me notice if favorites are duplicated due to any possible sync issues, help me just know how many favorites I have in general.


so some of my old favorites just came back after signing into a newly installed Edge canary on Mac.

on both Windows and Mac I have the same Edge canary, Version 83.0.470.0

because I had installed an extension to show me the favorites count, i could quickly tell that I have an abnormal number of favorites so it helped me detect favorite syncing issues. (deleted old favorites came back)

I also sent feedback from both machines about the sync issues.

so it really helps me and others to quickly tell if there is something wrong with favorite syncing when there is a favorite count somewhere on Edge.

because it looks like we're going to have to deal with it for a long time and there's no ETA when it's getting 100% fixed.

@HotCakeX Thanks for the details, that makes sense!


Fawkes (they/them)
Project & Community Manager - Microsoft Edge

i don't think it's really necessary and they could be putting their effort elsewhere


With the existing sync problems, it is necessary and I explained above why.

if their effort is not to be used to fix and solve problems then what are they good for.