Sharing pages via QR Code - [Not Working Right Now]

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Note: either It's currently not working or I can't figure out how to work with it: 12/20/2019


There is a new feature added to Edge browser in Version 81.0.369.0 canary

The ability to share web pages via QR code


it needs to be enabled using this flag:  #sharing-qr-code-generator

in edge://flags/







the QR indications will appear in the address bar




And in the right-click menu on web pages





After selecting "generate QR code for this page", I get this box





I'm not sure what I'm supposed to write in that text area, when I start typing, the color up there changes accordingly.


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@HotCakeX Thanks for letting us know. Generally the best way to escalate feedback for features behind flags is to submit feedback, so if you can do that for this QR bug, that would be great!


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Thanks, it's good to know how things work, will do that :)

@HotCakeX I can't make it do anything either. Just submitted the issue as feedback, via the help-menu.