New Feature | Sharing pages via QR code now fully working in latest Edge Canary 84.0.493.0

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The icon is also changed in Edge Canary Version 84.0.493.0




To get that on your address bar, first you have to be on the latest Edge canary and also enable this flag:


Enable sharing page via QR Code

Enables right-click UI to share the page's URL via a generated QR Code. – Mac, Windows

I tested scanning the code via the new All-in-One Office app on Android and it works correctly
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@HotCakeX , thanks for the heads up. Just updated and tested. Funny thing is, it doesn't generate a code for this page. It's fine on other pages though!

Yes, worked for me on a Walmart page via the office all in one android app... This is a great Feature! Thanks Edge Team!!

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@HotCakeX @Dennis5mile Glad to hear that you all are enjoying it! :)


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