Privacy & Security Tab: Edge Canary ( vs Chromium (77.0.3852.0)

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As the attached picture shows. A side by side comparison of MS Edge's Privacy and Security screen to Chromium's version of it. Chromium is the generic version that comes below (or in other words is the starting point that work's its way up to) the "Carnay" version of the beta testing chain.  As you can see Edge has come a super long way in such a short time. Microsoft has taken the blocky, messy, and draping look of Chromium and made it smooth, relaxed and nice looking.  The drop down menus are organized in Edge compared to Chromium and more is being added everyday it seems. So in a short few months Edge has really come along. Kudus to Microsoft!


Note: I don't advice downloading Chromium unless to preview  or compare or one is techy. Chromium can be a bit buggier and have critical crashes than Canary, and you have to self update it (no auto-updater) by downloading it from scratch every time there's an update which is like everyday a new version comes out. But if you're daring...:

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I hate google's presentation material design.
It takes way too much screen space, it forces the dev android to pass through it.
The presentation of Microsoft edgium is much more professional in my view.

@Deleted- I totally agree. Google's side looks clunky and bulky (roughed edge) compared to Edge's. Microsoft took Chromium and is really expanding and revamped on the engine to make it more friendly to the users both in usage and in appearance. Google has basically kept the format the same. If I take Chromium and compare it too Chrome it's about all the same. If I take the open source of Chromium and compared it to the Dev/Canary of Edge you can see Edge has really expanded upon on it. I really don't see how Microsoft Edge can't eventually even out or surpass with Google with their version of Chromium or at least come in a close second. I'm still using the old Edge browser as my main default, it's always been my preference over the other brands since I stopped using IE in 2016 (but I'm biased because I've been using Microsoft browsers since IE 1.0 came out in August 1995). I feel a possible repeat here in regards to Edge gaining the market share back. When MS got IE going in 1995 it eventually buried Nestscape Navigator. I think Edge is going to to surpass Chrome at some point in time.  Even Edge's android app is nice and orderly and easy compared to Chrome's more clunky app.

Since rumor about beta multiply themself i'm affraid the don't implement cortana or the fluent design for the official launch

@Deleted - Yeah I don't know. Good point. 

I'm thinking, but could be wrong that the Insider/Development program (alpha/beta) will continue on indefinitely even after stable release of the new Edge. So we'll see more new add on and improvements before they hit Stable release. I know Google Chromes program of Canary, Development, and Beta has been going on for about eleven years where users do this and are encouraged to do so by Google. In fact they even have their version of Canary on Android so I'm wondering if Microsoft will eventually do the same.



I suspect another reason Google does this is because in a sense they now have four browsers of Chrome out there compared to Edge's single one version especially on Android. Even though the the other three Google browsers are beta they are still there to attract users. Especially to get people to use the stable version than bounce to the Developer version to compare what's coming to stable, and maybe than Canary in keeping them "in the Google family of browsers".  It's actually good marketing on their behalf. If I put on "Chrome" in the Google Play Store search bar I get four Chrome versions of their browser come up lol. Firefox is doing the same thing with their "Firefox Nightly" app.