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With the latest versions of Canary, there is a new Download menu, however I no longer have the "Save As" option.

An oversight ?

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In fact the default option (Save button) must be "Save As" but the name is truncated


works fine here on Version 90.0.784.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)




try a clean reinstall of your browser and attach a screenshot of what you are describing. 



yes, see my previous post

There is no screenshot in your posts.



The name is truncated in my language ;)

If there is a translation problem, use the feedback button on Edge to report it.



It's not a translation problem, but in English the word takes up less space than in my language, a problem with the size of the button


Save as => Enregistrer sous


Already reported in the feedback

Ah okay,
whenever there is a visual bug or problem, attaching a screenshot is the best way to show and describe it.