Misssing "set tabs aside" feature

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Hello, I understand most of you may not care but this feature was the whole reason why I used Edge. I'm looking at the new version and I don't see why I should use this instead of Chrome or Opera. I want to know if this feature is coming back. Thanks.

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there is a feature currently only in Edge Canary and Dev channels, soon in all channels, to be able to set your tabs aside for alter and resume your work from any device.

more info:


@HotCakeX yeah I checked it out, it's nowhere near as convenient as it used to be. Opera has the same thing. It's very disappointing.

I hope they at least keep the legacy Edge updated because I'm planning on going back to it. Just give me security updates, don't fvck with my GUI without asking me. Thanks.

Lol yeah there will most likely be a dedicated button for that, many users including me and you asked for it so far



I agree. 


When will this feature be added. I hate this stupid collection and I'm force to return to edge legacy. collection is useless