Collections export does not work as expected. Edge Version 81.0.381.0

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First I want to wish everyone a happy new year, which started with a really cool Edge update, but there are some errors in the collections part.


After adding a site and a note to a new collection, i tried to "send int to word", but i get the error "Hmmm...that share was not successful"


Collections 2020-01-14 094656.png

On the other "export to excel" does work, but notes are not displayed correctly:


Collections 2020-01-14 094837.png

I also cannot find the new feature to add multible sites to a collection.


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"I also cannot find the new feature to add multible sites to a collection."

a developer posted a response to that here:

@HotCakeX Thank you for your response and the answer to one of my questions. Do you also experience the other two issues descibed above? I would really like to know if I am the only one who has the problems with exporting to word or excel.

You're welcome :)
I'm using Canary channel, Version 81.0.392.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)
and I just tested sharing one of my big collections that contains both custom notes and website contents, I chose the "sent to Word" and "sent to Excel" options and it successfully exported them.

that said, the created Excel file is not very useful for me, it just automatically created some table at the middle of the page with no meaningful reason or style.

for me exporting to Word is the best option. I hope they add more destinations though such as OneNote

@ph_007 For me this was because I had no space in my OneDrive. Once I had cleared up space, exporting to Word worked. I believe this feature opens a new document in Word Online, which is why it doesn't work without space in OneDrive. Hope this helps! 

Hi, yes you're right, when I export a collection to Word or Excel, they are automatically saved in my OneDrive, meaning I don't have to save them manually after creating them, so if you at least don't have a few kilobytes, not even megabytes then I assume it fails..but a message saying there is not enough space in OneDrive would be appreciated

@HotCakeX @MiguelF95 



I already noticed before that Collections are saved to personal OneDrive, but there I only used 60MB of 5GB. And how mentioned above, "Send to Excel" works perfectly fine and the excel sheets show up in the "Microsoft Edge Collections" folder. I only get the "not successful" message when I try "Send to Word". (For details see attachment)

Thanks for every response and your time :)

Umm are you still using Edge version 81? if not which channel you're on?

I'm trying "sent to word" in 2 Edge instances:
Edge Version 81.0.416.58 (Official build) stable (64-bit)
Edge Version 84.0.488.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)

and they are successful..

I am currently on the latest dev-build: 

83.0.478.10 (Official build) dev (64-bit)


My official post is quite old now, but its interesting that I still experience that bug :(

maybe it's isolated to the Dev channel only