Microsoft Edge Third-Party Cookie Deprecation?

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Google Chrome has announced plans to deprecate third-party cookies. Since Edge uses Chromium will third-party cookies also be deprecated in Edge? If so, is there a timeline? Will there be a Deprecation Trial we can register for to continue using third-party cookies for a period of time?

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if you want to block the third-party cookies, then you can go to the Search results
/ Cookies and site data to turn on block third-party cookies
I'm asking is Edge going to block third-party cookies by default next year since Edge uses Chromium.
is there no answer to this?
is it too complex of a question for Microsoft to answer?
As far as I've been able to determine, Edge will follow the same timeline as Chrome since Edge is based on Chromium. The timeline is published here:

The Privacy Sandbox Timeline for the Web

As far as a deprecation trial, see here:

Preserving critical user experiences

See also:

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Cookies Having Independent Partitioned State (CHIPS)

Note: If you are a developer using either .NET (formerly .NET Core) or .NET Framework, as of this time, neither will support the new "Partitioned" cookie attribute as was done for the "SameSite" attribute. The solution Microsoft proposed to us was to use the CookieOptions.Extensions property in .NET or an outbound URL Rewrite rule in .NET Framework.