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Hello everyone.
One of the things I like in the Firefox is the possibility of using containers.
Mozilla have two containers add-on's, Facebook Container (exclusively to the Facebook) and Multi-Account Containers.
The first is used to prevent Facebook tracking our online activity by creating an isolated and exclusive environment. Where every cookie, every tracking script, APIs that Facebook creates / uses / have, are isolated inside the container.
And the second, is almost the same thing as the first, works by creating an isolated environment as well, but is for any website.

The containers are, a some kind, sandboxes.

I'd like to see the support for this in the Edge.
Microsoft need to bring this to the Edge, but in a natively way without the need of installing any extension.
And the option to create a container tab can be placed next to the profile avatar, for example.

By the way, Chrome/Chromium do not have support for this.

This is a very very useful.

About Multi-Account Containers: https://blog.mozilla.org/firefox/introducing-firefox-multi-account-containers/
I do not know if I can put this kind of links, but, if I broke any rule, I'll remove this post.

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i second this.  is there any possibility of adding container tabs in Edge.  this is the main feature I exclusively use firefox for.

I second this request. It's one of the few features that keep me on Firefox. I have three Office 365 accounts for different organizations I am involved with, and container tabs keep those neatly separated.
To be clear, this is not the same as "profiles," because profiles open in new browser windows. Containers are tabs, not windows. Also, at least in Chrome, you can't sign in to the same account in two different profiles, so syncing is different. That's not the point of container tabs.

Some kind of identity container solution would be amazing. I currently use Firefox because of this feature alone. Firefox has its limitations though and would certainly welcome this feature in the new Edge, which i'd be happy to switch across if something like that was developed.

Cross post from the Edge developer user voice feature recommendations: 



Second/up vote this suggestion
I really hope they implement this feature. Great suggestion!

I upvote and second this request, since it would be an amazing addition to the browser and directly contribute to the security of Edge. I would be glad to make it my main browser if this happens.

@hferreira107  Containers would be a solid addition to Edge Chromium, as important for security as isolating Edge Chromium itself from the OS.  Isolating the browser from the OS is a minimum requirement for security, but it doesn't safeguard within the browser, as containers do.

Great idea! I can see a lot of folks switching to Edge-mium just because of this feature alone....



This is an amazing feature. Please implement this in Edge--it will bring in a lot of users & actually have a tangible effect on the world's privacy state. 


Likewise, Edge can even leapfrog Firefox's containers: Firefox doesn't sync containers (not even the data; even their mere existence!) between devices. Crazy. 


Edge, do better. We're not cave people: make Edge sync containers across devices.

Fantastic Suggestion! I also hope they add this, I am hopping around Microsoft Edge Insider and Firefox. Including the Firefox container ability to the Microsoft Edge Insider (Chromium Project) would be amazing!
it's a good feature but since it's been posted almost 3 months ago and no one from Microsoft even commented in this post, i think they won't do it or even pay attention.
You need to vote in this poll: https://wpdev.uservoice.com/forums/257854-microsoft-edge-developer/suggestions/37398781-tab-containe...

We need more votes to catch the Edge's devs attention.


it's not necessary really. just go through this forum, the Edge team support always reply to the topics that they think is useful or they just chose to. if they haven't replied to this one yet there must be a reason. either they don't want to add this feature or they just can't due to limitations of Chromium. 


either way, don't need to go to another website. they clearly said that this forum is the place for suggestions/feedbacks/talks about the new Edge. after all you can't force someone to make their product better. sometimes they just don't want to.

The link provided is the Microsoft Edge Developer request forum.
Yes Chromium natively does not allow the implementation of Containers, but since Microsoft is modifying the Chromium base, they can modify it to support containers.
It would, in addition, be the first chromium based browser to have such functionality.

This is the feature that I'm waiting on. I've been using Firefox exclusively for this reason alone (i.e. the ability to keep multiple Office 365 and Microsoft Accounts separated). If/when Microsoft extends Edge to support this feature, I'll move to Edge. Until then, I'll continue to use Firefox - though I'll regularly check back on Edge to see how it's progressing.

This is the only thing holding me back from switching to Edge.

i second



Just chiming in again. This is not just for privacy!

Containers are also super useful for productivity, Microsoft! Lots of us have multiple accounts, like Gmail, Google Drive, Notion, Dropbox, etc. People have one personal account and one business account. Switching between them can be a nightmare w/ cookies & passwords, so containers can ensure we have easy access.


Because they limit the cookies to just that tab, then you can always open up your personal Dropbox and business Dropbox easily without any need to logout, cookies, etc.


For people who aren't used to containers: containers keep your website "just inside that single tab", so it doesn't infect the whole browser. "Oh, you're logged into your personal Dropbox in this one tab? Well, let me log you out of every other Dropbox tab w/ your business account! Surely that's what you wanted, right?"

Cookies can be stupid. Containers make them smart.