Insiders Have an Edge

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Oh what a clever pun (maybe, almost) But, seriously...

Edge has Insiders &...

It, certainly, is true that we Insiders have an edge... in so much that we, already, have an intimate, hands-on, 1st-hand few months of experience & knowledge of Edge.  Nicer than coming to it cold.  Things about it are & will be familiar to us... "Isn't that just special?" (<-- some movie quote, I think)

AND, we can urge, encourage, help & inform others.  And, that's a cool bi-product of being Insiders, of being cutting-edge Folks, blazing the trail for others.  Not to mention, helping to build the thing :cryingwithlaughter:


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Obviously Beta software has higher version than stable software but it's also less stable.

so insiders are trading stability for features.