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This may have already been covered and if so I apologize.


On icloud.com, when I use Find Friends I cannot change the map type. Clicking the icon in the upper right corner causes the icons for the 3 map types to open and immediately close. This happens on the release version of Edge and both Canary and Dev. And, BTW Google Chrome.


It does work as expected in Firefox.


If someone has the magic to 'fix' it, let me know.

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@cjahn50You can send feedback to the iCloud team AND Microsoft Edge, to do so, press Alt+Shift+I on a Windows device. Maybe they will contact you for more details. Please include your email address over there so that they have the info to contact you if they need to do so. This might be a bug of Chromium.

Already sent feedback to the Edge team. And since it works on Firefox and not chromium based browsers, I assume it is chromium related.

@cjahn50 Yes it is. Have you updated to the latest version? Go to edge://help and check.

Everything is current. 


Seems like it's a Chromium problem since both Edge and Google chrome are affected