Absence of 'http://' is not developer friendly.

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Since a certain amount of versions Microsoft Edge does not show 'http://' in front of 'http' URLs and replaces it with a Not secure warning:




The LAF of  this is completely different than when I visit a secure site:




The padlock takes the place of the 'Not secure', which is fine, but what's really annoying here is the that the 'Not secure' display hides the the protocol.


As a developer this is super confusing. 


For example, I am debugging an NX_DOMAIN issue on a website hosted on HTTP. I see a URL and I copy the hostname, yet when I paste it into CMD to do for example an NSLOOKUP, there's http:// in front of it. Before this I would select just the domain, without the http://. I have no way of doing this now.


This doesn't seem to be the case with https:// websites. Copying the hostname just yields the hostname.


So to summarize:

1) It is very confusing that the thing I copy is not the thing I paste. 

2) I want to see http:// all the time, it is important for me


Upstream Google Chrome has this fixed with a checkbox that allows me to always see the full URL. Is this something Microsoft Edge is considering adopting?

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@KristofMattei I noticed this too! You can send feedback (Alt+Shift+I on Windows) so that the engineers can see it too, and right now they should be online, this week's Edge Dev update was released minutes ago.


when I copy HTTPS website domains, such as this forum's address, the https also copies with the rest of the URL, so it's consistent between HTTP and HTTPS.

the not secure thing comes from Chromium because Google wanted to shame websites and force them to use HTTPS. but if you want to see HTTP instead then best way is to request it using feedback button on Edge.