Have feedback on the memory/CPU usage on Edge? We're Listening!


Greetings Microsoft Edge Insiders!


My name is Allison and I am a PM working on improving the performance of the new Microsoft Edge browser.


Previously, your feedback let us know that there are times when Edge uses too much memory and CPU. When was the last time this happened to you? What were you doing in this situation? What was your biggest concern about that amount of memory and CPU usage? We are curious about this and would love to learn more.


Thank you for giving us your honest feedback. I look forward to hearing more about where you see Microsoft Edge meeting your expectations, and where it isn’t.



-The Microsoft Edge Team-

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@josegime47 wrote:


Don´t know what are you referring to but, if you call spam trying to let know Allison Pastewka, who by the way hasn't answer to any, that there is room for improvement in the impact of Edge in resources, then mad spam it is.

posting multiple comments in the same thread in a short period of time about the same subject is spamming.

you could put them all in the same comment.

also many people can/are subscribed to this thread, your spam sends a lot of notifications and Emails to them as well, me included.



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